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About Us

Old Chicago was started back in the 1980's as a GM nos and reproduction parts business.

Moving forward the Dale Krzmarzick narrowed down the inventory to Chevrolet parts.

Seeing a need for the Street Rod market he started to expand the business into fiberglass

reproduction to fill the needs of guys that could not locate good decent fenders or running boards anymore.

This eventually grew the company into Old Chicago Street Rods.

Over the years more and more Chevrolet model years were added to the catalog of front fenders, running boards,

rear fenders, grill housings, and trunk lids.

Seeing a market in the reproduction bodys, Dale and his crew reproduction the 1934 Chevrolet Standard Coupe,

being a Hot Rodders that wasn t cooler enough them, so out of that came the 1934 Chopped Roof Standard Coupe.

Now with many customers across the USA, there came a need to create an open car. With his design crew the maliciously mastermind the 1934 Chevrolet Cabriolet with a Carson style removable top.

After much success with these bodies, the eventual need for a 4 seat body style to accommodate the growing families



As a leading provider of quality fiberglass products, we take pride in offering the best reproduction fiberglass fenders, running boards, and other products. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.